Part One: "1929 & Bleeding" by Bethany Joy Lenz
Part Two: "The Mason's" by JC Coccoli
Part Three: "Zigging, Zagging" by Abigail Spencer
Part Four: "Madeleine's" by Bethany Joy Lenz

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

1929 & Bleeding

So, what did you all think of Chapter 1? I can tease you with the knowledge that chapter 1 is, in fact, our shortest chapter.

How do you think Annabell Mason became Annabell Hayworth? Who do you think shot her? And why would a Charleston/Savannah girl be all the way up in Wilmington at a party on the Cape Fear River?

If you haven't read it, visit HELLO GIGGLES to read the first chapter. And TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!!



  1. I'm not sure who shot her yet, a little too soon.... but it was amazingly written.

  2. it was a beautiful chapter joy ! a great way to introduce the story of Annabel! i'm french so it's a great way to learn english better, you're using some words i don't know and it's very enriching for me! can't wait to read more
    love from france

  3. I thought it was a great way to whet the appetite of the readers and introduce us to the world of Annabell Hayworth - I loved it! I have no answers to your questions yet but my curiosity is definitely piqued.

    You have such a wonderfully visual style of writing Joy - which actually made me wonder if you'll be delving into screenwriting anytime soon - and I think you captured the era really well. So congrats on a great first chapter, I can't wait to read more!

  4. Hello ladies ! :)
    The first chapter was just fabulous and very well written, Joy you wrote this chapter perfectly ! You are a talented writer ! The story is really great, the description of places & characters are very well written ! You employed some words I don't know because I'm french and I know only the basics of english, so I think with Diamond Gothic my english will be better, haha.
    Did you saw my comment about the first chapter on Hello Giggles ? ;)
    'How do you think Annabell Mason became Annabell Hayworth?'
    I think she married to Hayworth, the guy who was in the first chapter. And maybe she didn't marry him because she loved him.
    'Who do you think shot her?'
    Well maybe Hayworth or maybe the other couple.
    'And why would a Charleston/Savannah girl be all the way up in Wilmington at a party on the Cape Fear River?'
    I have no idea, maybe I will discover this answer on the next chapter ;)

    I can't wait to read the Chapter 2, I can't wait to discover more about Annabell's death ;)

    Xoxo, Emeline

  5. Hi

    It was an awesome chapter, yes you definitely know how to tease us all. I have know idea who shot her, the first chapter was still so exciting. Can't wait to read chapter2.


  6. It's a lovely first chapter. Too soon concerning the suspect(s)...

  7. Great ! great job! I am a French fan of Bethany Joy Galeotti, I love ♥