Part One: "1929 & Bleeding" by Bethany Joy Lenz
Part Two: "The Mason's" by JC Coccoli
Part Three: "Zigging, Zagging" by Abigail Spencer
Part Four: "Madeleine's" by Bethany Joy Lenz

Monday, March 5, 2012


Diamond Gothic is launching on Sunday, and I'm here to tell you it's the bees knees! Think Anne of Green Gables meets the Great Gatsby... We're so excited to introduce you to our characters.

What IS Diamond Gothic? DG began as a short narrative written one bored & rainy evening in Wilmington, North Carolina where I was filming the final season of One Tree Hill. If you know me at all, you know I have a MILLION balls in the air and the idea of starting a new project wasn’t even an option. But if I could collaborate... I thought... And within a few days the concept of a rotating internet novel was born!

Without hesitation the HelloGiggles team outstretched a hand to help a fellow sista. They introduced me to the lovely and hilarious JC Coccoli who I knew would lend a playful and smart-as-a-whip voice to the story; and, for another unique voice, I approached long-time galpal, actress & writer Abigail Spencer, to be our third authoress. I sent out chapter one and said “lets play!”

Thus began months of improvisational writing, each author “yes, and”ing the author before her, no one of us knowing what will happen next. Each chapter is approximately 3 pages long-- just enough to wet your palate and keep you coming back for more.

Stay tuned to HelloGiggles and for deets! Ciao!


  1. Hello, I can't wait to discover to first chapter of Diamond Gothic ! After waiting a few months I'm really excited to meet Annabell Hayworth and all the mysteries of DG ! :)
    Xoxo, Emeline
    @FanBJoyGaleotti on Twitter

  2. Hey Ladies

    This is an awesome first entrty. I'm really excited now to get reading the first chapter. Really fun to read about how the idea first came about.

    Thanks for sharing :)


  3. Can't decribe how excited i am for this!We've been waiting a long time and now it's almost here!Looking forward to reading the first chapter!I know it's gonna be totally awesome!!!

  4. really exciting to see that !! can't wait to hear/read the first chapter :) As you can see there are a few comments on this blog already ! and i know those girls are big fans of yours Joy just like i am :)) we always follow you in your amazing projects !
    love !



  5. I'm SUPER EXCITED for the release of the novel and the story lines you ladies have written! Thank You! XO!
    Much Love,

  6. So excited, Joy for your new venture. Congrats!

  7. What a great idea! Can't wait for it to begin!

  8. I'm super excited about tomorrow's release! Love everything you guys do!

  9. Can't wait!!!!! i will be up, I don't mind the time difference :)

    Cecille @churchsoprano

  10. So exited for the first chapter!! I can't wait.

  11. Looking forward to reading this unique rotating novel, should be VERY interesting!

  12. so excited for the release! i've been waiting in anticipation for months, since Joy mentioned it on her blog. i sometimes wish that i lived in the 20's era and now i can live vicariously through the mystery and drama of Diamond Gothic! thank you for creating and writing this novel, i cant wait to read it!

  13. Can't wait for the release, I'm extremely excited. I've been wondering for weeks now, so this will be so much fun! I'm sure this will be amazing. Love what you are doing Bethany, also can't wait to hear your cover, I'm absolutely in love with you music. It's my inspiration, and love love love it! : D

  14. Cant wait to keep reading this! Anything Joy does is perfect so Im more than excited to see where this story goes!!!!

  15. I can't wait to see what happens next YAY!!!

  16. I absolutely loved chapter1, cant wait to read more... I excited and waiting in suspense.

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